I love flipping the calendar to April.  It’s the start of better weather here in WNY and the mornings are filled with sounds of singing birds that are up way earlier than most humans. Days are starting to get longer and summer plans are starting to be made.

April also brings the Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic convention.  Known better as the 4F, the convention is the “Original Close-Up Magic Convention” and the most prestigious gathering of close-up magicians in the world. Since 1971 the By-Invitation-Only event continues to feature the best performers, creators and lecturers in the world.  This is held at the end of April and I am honored to be one of the few selected to get an invitation every year.  I’m really looking forward to this one.

April also brings the annual gathering of some close friends to visit the above mentioned Fechter’s final resting place.  Each April, 4 of my close friends (and also magicians) visit Eddie’s grave to clean up the area and wish him well.  We then grab some breakfast and talk about magic and old times.  It’s one of the few very rare times that I’m quiet as I like to sit and listen to the stories and laughs about the Forks Hotel and Eddie Fechter.  While I never met him and was only 4 when he died, Fechter seemed like my kind of guy.  Always funny, entertaining and ready with some magic.

In between those two events, I’m off to Atlanta, GA, Savannah, Ga, Cincinnati and a quick stop in NYC for the day.  April is shaping up to be pretty pretty pretty good…