My resolution of making sure I Blog once a month has been broken.  It’s now July 3rd and this should have done…3 days ago.

But better late than never.  The summer has hit me HARD here in Buffalo.  Already so may shows and commitments to do.  Seems like there’s never enough time.  That must be all around though.  My friend who cuts my hair had to open her shop on a Sunday to take care of clients because she’s running out of time.  She made the joke that no one wants to come in after 11pm to get their hair done, so she opened a couple extra days to take care of what needs to be done.  (random fact…I’d LOVE to go get my hair done late at night.  It would be a blast)

Tomorrow is the 4th of July.  Picnics, and parades will be had all over this great nation. I’m looking forward to just taking the day (well, afternoon) off and doing nothing but enjoying some sunshine.

Everyone stay safe and Have a great Holiday!