I’m so incredibly excited today as our NEW team building program launches.  Here’s a little info:

The Team Building Team is proud to present:

Murder Mystery Team Building Sessions

Murder Mystery parties and dinners are all the rage these days. Now we are using that premise to fully engage participants in the art of team building.

Participants enter a conference room prepared for a team building exercise.  They believe this is an ordinary corporate meeting / event.  Suddenly the lights go out!  When they come back on, a pretend murder has taken place (normally with a staged worker from your company). Employees are presented with clues and objectives and must work together in teams on problem solving to find out “WHO DID IT”

Not only is our new Murder Mystery program fun and entertaining, it provides participants with valuable team building skills, helps them realize the value of teamwork, and reinforces time management and problem solving skills.

Plus, there are a TON of laughs along the way.

By taking part in the session, participants improve their leadership skills and gain valuable communication and critical thinking skills. They learn how to put personalities aside and work together for the common good. And after the mystery is solved, the Team Building Team clearly explains how all of these new found skills can be applied in the workplace.

No matter what your motive is for team building, the evidence is clear, now is the time to book and find a solution to all of your professional development needs!

The mystery of team building is solved in our new interactive program.