This Fast Paced and High Energy show helps children understand that Bullying will not be tolerated. It STOPS Bullying BEFORE it starts. The show combines Magic and Comedy and is FILLED with AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION and INTERACTION! This show is age-appropriate, and is framed for each individual grade. BOOK TODAY as dates are filling up fast!

For More information, call 716-698-2787.

Listen to what others have to say about this AMAZING program:

“Magician Mike Seege came out to our school and performed five shows in one afternoon with students ranging from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade. He changed his message and his magic to be age appropriate for every level. The students were RIVETED while he was performing and respectful and attentive when he spoke about how to treat one another. I still refer to his message about being a "Bully Free" school. Thanks Mike!"
Mr. John Hoar
Pratt Elementary Principal

“Mike did a WONDERFUL job performing at our school. He EFFECTIVELY relayed his anti-bullying message through magic and comedy. We would welcome him back any time!”
Mrs. Lauren Ormsby
Ripley Central School Principal

“Our PTSA was looking for an Anti-Bullying Program that would catch our students attention and leave the message with them long after the program was complete and we got exactly what we were looking for from Mike. Mike performed five shows with students ranging from Kindergarten to sixth grade and he was able to keep them MESMERIZED from the first word out of his mouth. Mike caught the students attention with his superbly executed magic tricks and just as they were at their height of attention he would interject an anti-bullying message. Then timing it perfectly, before losing the students attention he would perform another magic trick. He continued this pattern throughout his thirty minute performance and by the end of the show he had the children repeating back to him the key points of the anti-bullying message he was giving them. Magician Mike Seege's performance is most definitely worth the very reasonable rate he charges. Our students are still talking about his magic but more importantly they also still remember the anti-bullying message that went along with the magic.”
Dee Grissett
Barker Central School PTSA